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The Last Days

The Last Days (TLD) is a free pervasive game that will be played on the website of Atlantisradio.org, a network of activists who investigate the conditions of drinking water across the world.

The characters who listen to and interact with the radio may range from supporters, committed activists, worried citizens, up to conspiracy theorists.

While everyone will have their own special reason to become part of the community, the main objectives of the New Atlantis radio are to investigate, cooperate, and share vital information.

The radio

By listening to the radio and contributing to its broadcast schedule, players will try to shed some light on what is really happening. Everyone will be a reporter of the end of the world from their characters’ point of view. Tell what is happening around you, to your family, in your neighbourhood, in your city.

Compare your experiences with those of others from other parts of the world. Will you risk all you have to give a wake up call to the rest of the world before it’s too late? Or will you just worry about yourself?

The game starts on April, 5th and lasts until April, 21th. It’s not mandatory to start playing from the beginning, you can join in halfway through or any time you want.

A Larp for Change

We firmly believe New Atlantis, as many larp games, can be a democratic and participatory tool to reflect on aspects of today’s society, to inform and become aware. The game can get where other media are not forthcoming, and can contribute, through fun and creativity, to the common good. A real future-changing experience.


New Atlantis Larp

This website is part of the LARP New Atlantis, yet players don’t need to be enrolled in the larp to participate. The Last Days is open to all, just sign up on the site and start playing.


It’s a "what if?" game. What if there was a global water crisis?

TLD (The Last Days) is basically very simple. What if a water crisis started in 2017? What would happen? How would the lives of ordinary people change? Let’s play this “what if?” game and find out.

Your role as a player is to help visualize what would be happening, if a global water crisis were really going on

Since a global water crisis has deep and subtle effects, we ask everyone to help us imagine what it would really be like. That’s how to play the game: first read the official news (on the radio and forum on this site) and what other players are saying. Then tell the story of how the sudden shortage of water is affecting your own life and what you’re doing to cope. As the crisis continues, update us with further thoughts, reactions and solutions.

Players tell their stories online, on blogs, vlogs, through images, etc. and then link what they have created to the TLD website

You can use whatever communication method you’re comfortable with, just tell the TLD website where you story is by creating a web link so that other players can read/watch/listen to it and, above all, share it!

As the stories accumulate, they gather power and veracity

TLD benefits from “the wisdom of crowds”:  as more and more people examine a subject, they tend to cause more truthful and insightful ideas to rise to the top. Plus the multiplicity of viewpoints tends to reveal aspects to the subject that even experts might overlook.

New Atlantis and The Last Days are produced by Chaos League, a group of larp writers and game designers active for more than 20 years. Landmark of the Italian scene, Chaos League is composed by men and women with different jobs in the field of arts: actors, musicians, directors, pedagogues, writers, and screenwriters. Although consistent with our vision and personal interpretation of the game, we have never stopped putting ourselves to the test, always trying something challenging and new. Something profound and visionary to be shared and protected.

We recently published our Manifesto — “Southern Way / New Italian Larp” — which received large acclaim among Italian game designers and opened up new spaces for debate in the  international scene too.

Our larps offer settings and stories always different, accurate selection of the narrative, and dedicated attention to details and game props. Thorough our events we aim at exploring boundaries and possibilities of both interpretation and identification.

We are the authors of 1 6 3 0, Black Friday (in collaboration with other gaming societies), The Legend of Percival, Nuova Atlantide and many more. Take a look at our website, you’ll find pictures of our events, reviews and articles about game theory and history. Enjoy!

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