Report from Rome + Tips about about overcoming dehydrations

The situation in Rome is getting worse. I keep seeing homeless people getting sick because they drink from the few public fountains that haven’t been closed yet. You know, it is hard to control the whole city because in Rome there’s plenty of small public fountains, the so-called “nasoni”, which are technically impossible to close. During our surveillance rounds, we try to inform homeless people about the safety measures but, as soon as they see our uniforms, they run away, afraid that we’re there to arrest them. Please Atlanteans of Rome, if anyone of you is a social worker, or a volunteer, or something like that, it would be helpful to speak to these people, as they don’t want to trust the authorities.

Also, I’m really concerned about the growth of violent crimes, such as assaults and rapes, all around the city. Such spread of violence might be another consequence of dehydration, which causes confusion, aggressive tendencies, and it reduces our self-preservation instinct. I’d recommend you to not walking in the streets alone and not talking with strangers, as they may be willing to rob you.

At the moment, the most important thing is to cope with dehydration effects and never give up and drink unsafe water. Because I’ve done many missions in the Middle East, where the food and water resources were scarse, I’ve been trained to overcome this kind of problem. Thus, I want to share with you guys some tips about reducing the body dehydration:


  1. Rest as much as possible. Move slowly to minimize the waste of energy and take a break anytime you can.

2. Do not expose yourself to direct sunlight. Try to accomplish your tasks in the nightime.

3. Do not drink alcol and do not smoke sigarettes. Our body digests alcol by using the fluids of vital     organs.

4. Do not lie down on the floor or on warm surfaces, so you will not increase your body temperature.

5. Eat as little as you can, because the body uses liquids to digest food and it can increase the dehydration.

6. Breath only throught your nose and keep your mouth close.

7. Even when you are warm, try to not take your clothes off. The sweat keeps the air between the body and the clothes fresh and it reduces the loss of liquids.


I know it’s hard, but with courage and determination all of us will make it happily. I’ll leave you with our Brigade’s motto, hoping that it will inspire courage to you Atlanteans:


(Translation: Be brave above your strenghts!)


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