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My dear fellow listeners, I am Sebastian and I am speaking to you – I regret to say it – for the last time. I am not sure how long the generator I am using will last, but from the look of it I don’t have much time left. I am home alone. Outside everything is still and silent, but this is far from being a good sign. 

The world as we knew it is over. Violence is taking over everywhere, but we must not give up, we can not give up! I have no idea what is happening to you all, where you are or what you are doing, but I really hope you will make it. I might have found a solution that could save us all. If you go to the town of Santa Sofia, near Forlì, in Italy, you will be able to find drinking water there. I repeat: go to Santa Sofia, a town in the vicinity of Forlì and you will find plenty of drinking water. 

It is urgent. Leave immediately. Take what you need and leave today, we have no time to lose. I hope this message will reach you all. I do not know how long I can keep this radio running for. Energy sources and communication lines are almost dead. Apocalypse is near. 

We need to gather, all together. This is our darkest hour, but Atlantis won’t disappear. We will not disappear. We will stand together, until the end, to protect what belongs to each one of us. We are Atlantis, the last hope for humanity. This was Sebastian for the last broadcast of Radio Atlantis.

Free water!

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  1. This is so heartbreaking! We need your radio Sebastian, we need this site! Atlantis Radio have been our light in the dark. Hope to see you all in Santa Sofia! Hope we all can get there somehow. I cant describe how empty I feel.
    —> @Jimmy123 and @Magnus, @eXit, @Zeno, @-OZ- @Kar and @Key and everyone on this site. I hope we can reach there and meet up! FREE WATER!!!

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