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How can I use this website?

0) Register to atlantisradio.org

Registration is required to interact with other players. If you are a participant in the LARP please do not register through google or facebook account.

1) Record an audio file with your answers to the questions asked by the programme Atlantis News

New episodes are broadcasted every other day and, after a few hours from each airing, are placed in the podcast section of the site. The news programme is replayed three times a day (see schedule). Listen to the news and follow the decline of our civilization!

2) Interact with other players through forums and groups

Tell who you are what’s going on around you in the dedicated sections. You may invent stories and events, yet we simply ask of you to always tell stories that relate to your character and its choices. Keep in mind that we are trying to narrate a plausible story, such as that created by Cormac McCarthy in “The Road”. So please avoid to include elements that might clash with such a setting (for example: no aliens, zombies or else).

All that is written down automatically becomes a fact, unless someone later negates or contradicts it. Be this the case, a compromise or agreement must be worked out. Always remember to be cooperative and supportive.

3) Share documents and information material on the water crisis

New Atlantis is a game but a water crisis really exists in several countries and many people suffer because of if. Also the pollution of most natural aquifers is an established fact and a very serious one. Post and share documentaries, articles, and research material that tell the real water crisis the world is facing.

4) Publish a post on your personal blog

If you have a blog or column in a magazine, write and publish a story from the world of The Last Days. If you do it, point it out with a post on atlantisradio.org. This way, more people will get to know the game and will become engaged and informed about the true water crisis.

5) Post on the blog atlantisradio.org

On this website you can write posts for the whole community to read. You can tell your own experience (as a character), make some observations, write comments or suggestions or bring something to the attention of the community. You can post photos, videos, everything that can contribute to the collective narrative.

6) Use @mentions

when you quote somebody in a group or forum, ALWAYS remember to insert the symbol @ before his or her name (the system will help you in that).

For example: @John

This way the character/player cited will be informed and will be able to join in the conversation.

7) Editing policy

all the content on the site may be subject to the Masters’ editing to ensure events and setting are coherently built. Do not then be surprised if some entries and contributions will be slightly changed.