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      I haven’t slept much this night.. Not sure if I’ve slept at all tbh. I were walking outside, reaching hidden places under the ground in tunnels where I used to be as a teenager. I could still see my grafitti tags at some places. But who will see it in the future? This night the tunnels were full of people. Just like rats! …most of them dead. The places just looked as fucking crypts! I think it is some sort of instinct.. you cant get any help at the hospitals anymore, so you need to go somewhere. Somewhere to hide, because you dont want to die in public.

      The people still alive tried to reach me or to block my way out. I didn’t touch anyone but some of them grabbed my arms and legs. They tried to force me getting water, food and medic help.
      I breath the same air until I ran away from the tunnels in terror. Now Im terrified for being infected. How do I know?


      Everyone of you seems to be moving to other places, but I am still here in Stockholm. Is this a stupid place to be? I asked you atlanteans some days ago but then your answers was to stay. There is no safe lakes here in Sweden as we know about. But I dont have any car and dont know where to go (to one of the “safe” lakes I guess, but it is soooooo far away). And to be honest, are you on a better place now than you where before? This whole fucking world seems to have come to an end, no matter where you are.


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      Hold on tight Sofie! Is there a Lifedrop distribution point in Stockholm? I was forced drinking the stuff the last couple of days and I feel fine. No clue about the long term effects. But I think there is no alternative. You need water and will die in a few days if you run out and as you say there are nu clean lakes in Sweden.

      So water is a reason to go on the move.

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      I’m afraid there no a good answer. How can we know?
      You just do to what you got to do.

      I’m sure as hell you’re not infected, @sofielz.
      I’m not a doctor, but for Christ’s sake I just know it.

      Find your safe place, in Stockholm or outside the city, take all the water you can.
      Stay with trusted friends, if you have any.
      You’re crazier than all this shit, aren’t you? You’ll make it, I swear.

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