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      I can’t handle this anymore!
      THIS IS FUCKING TOO MUCH! tell me it’s been a bad dream. atlanteans, I’m losing it. I don’t know what to do anymore. I have no purpose to be alive..
      god, I have to keep myself together. alright. ok. you know what? I’ll try to explain what happened.
      I work (or maybe I should say I used to work) in a hospital in Rome. as a nurse. this hospital is actually almost completely abandoned since days.. only few of us were still trying to do our best to keep on helping.. water supplies are lower and lower and everybody around is stealing them from patients. right today, my young brother filippo (he’s only 11yo), somehow, brought to the hospital my mother. she was unconscious. she was so pale.. I had to give her water immediately. I went to the stock which, as I said, was running out. but when I came back with water, three desperate men were waiting for me holding my brother with a knife on his throat. they wanted the water. but not only my mother’s, but all of it. I couldn’t do that. I actually couldn’t, since there were people guarding it, I couldn’t just take it all. I was panicking but still trying to explain this slowly and doing my best to make them leave my brother, but they were yelling at me to take the water and wouldn’t stop. it all escalated. then one of them was over my mom, chocking her, I just panicked and screamed so loud. they knew other people would have been there in a minute.. and they were so desperate.. I know that, I’m keeping on telling myself this, but the guy holding my brother.. he cut filippo’s throat.. just like butter. my god, that look on his face.. oh my god… and the three of them left in a second. I tried to save filippo, but he was gone. he died right in front of me. for this shit. FOR THIS SHIT.
      I was crying my eyes out there on the floor, holding his tiny body in my arms.. there was his warm blood everywhere on us.. I was in a total shock. I think few seconds later my colleagues walked in. They must have figured out what happened. I don’t even know. I was still there on the floor holding my brother when they told me my mother was also dead.
      this is enough.

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      Ellie Burton

      What a horrible thing to go through, I’m so sorry :(

      Remember that you still have this place and people who will support you. Don’t give up, keep looking out for yourself!

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      @milk hold tight a picture of your brother. Look at him. You are gonna make it for him. You will be out of all this insanity and take your time to remember him, dream of him. This world needs humans more than ever before.

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      I can’t believe this! This story is so terrible and I really can’t imagine the way you feel right now…..your little brother dead in vain in this terrible way….I have no words for it.

      We just have to keep fighting and try to save this fucking world that is going absolutely into distruction right now.                     We must stand even when everything seems to fall down. Try to be strong and make justice for your brother with your nurse’s mission: this moment needs more than ever kind hearted people like you.

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      Get out from that hospital.
      No one can ask you more and this shit simply doesn’t deserve you.

      Fucking beasts. Why they kill him? Desperation is not an excuse and you need an heart to be desperate.
      Now I remember why I despise humanity and spent my all fucking life headphones on.

      It’s the worst thing I’ve ever heard, @milk.

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