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      Hi! I work for a chemical plant sited in Lombardia, Italy. Last week my boss tell me to not use anymore stream water to dilute products. We produce perfumes and detergents. Some workman use the stream water to wash their hands or face when they finish to work. Now, their skin is reddened and in some areas appeared small burns. Two of them now are at home with incredible pain. Today some people of public health advise us to not use water for any reason. Our plant must stop to work… some news? Someone who work with water for not foodstuff?
      Thanks for your help

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      Bergamo seems to be trouble.

      i was today in Bergamo and many people sick.

      people say they don’t know why sick, but someone says that they drunk NON-SAFE water. they did not believe the warning.

      i don’t know what to think. i obtained much much water that is very good and bottled BEFORE all of this (the last bottle says is bottled in november 2016, so is good for sure).

      And i know that 3 families near where i live are drinking water from a spring near mountain and they are good.

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      Kar, Nesto,… Here in Gibraltar we are still under no alarm…strange since I hear awful things now all over…please let me know how things evolve…I might be heading off North to do the press coverage of this bad situation. I am a journalist….this might help in spreading the word somehow..

      Stay safe


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      Hello everyone! we closed the factory for several days: the production workers (they work closely with the reactors and the water-based mixers) are all sick. Also in their family there are some sick people: i hear about tissue necrosis, effectively corresponds to the description by @juliane. Apparently, for 3 of them there are no possibility of salvation.

      Thanks @Kar, I’m buying water bottles as you wrote me. I have heard of several people who went to the mountains for supplies of spring water. many people, worried and thirsty people… I hope nothing bad happens.

      Some news from Gibraltar? no sick people there?

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