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      Hello everyone,

      I know this is a super serious forum, so I’ve a super serious proposal to keep our spirits up.

      and I are going to escape from Milan (yes, like Snake Plissken, Jena for Italians) to reach our uncle’s place on the lake. My uncle, Gene, was a sound technician in the 60s and 70s, so he has an awesome vinyl record collection in addition to mine.

      Do you want to request any song? I’ll try to broadcast it here, on Radio Atlantis, solely and exclusively for you Atlanteans.

      Note for @ellie and all the other youngster out there: we only have rock music from 60s and 70s, maybe something from early 80s… And a vinyl by Davide Van De Sfroos. My brother’s gift to me. Don’t ask, please.
      So no Taylor Swift, no Justin Bieber, no rap, no country… You got that.

      One each from… Now!

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      Walked out this morning
      Don’t believe what I saw
      A hundred billion bottles
      Washed up on the shore
      Seems I’m not alone at being alone
      A hundred billion casatways
      Looking for a home
      Message in a bottle – The Police

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      First at the finish line, V.B.! Congrats, man.

      So we have a Sting fan: do you know he was in the Quadrophenia movie, produced by The Who? He was Ace, a fighting mod at Brighton beach. Super cool… But with an awkward secret.

      Message in a bottle, I make a note right now.

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      Are we keeping a theme?

      You don’t miss your water ’til the well runs dry
      But I believe so strongly in you & I
      Can’t somebody answer me the question why
      You don’t miss your water ’til the well runs dry

      Otis Redding – You Don’t Miss Your Water

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      Brother, I’m impressed. Even if your request stinks of Google a mile away, I take note.
      Maybe uncle is on soul too.

      Water as a theme?
      I know what everybody is (or should) thinking.

      We ended up at the Grand Hotel
      It was empty, cold and bare
      But with the Rolling truck Stones thing just outside
      Making our music there
      With a few red lights, a few old beds
      We made a place to sweat
      No matter what we get out of this
      I know, I know we’ll never forget

      Smoke on the water, a fire in the sky
      Smoke on the water


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      Hey, it was some very heartfelt Googling.

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        I know, Van, and for this reason I’m impressed.
        Luckily I also know which song you really want.

        From your friend Davide, Akuaduulza.

        Akuaduulza akuaduulza quanta acqua impienìss questi oecc
        acqua negra e senza culpa, acqua santa senza resònn
        e passa un bàtell e passa un invernu e passa una guèra e passen i pèss
        passa el veent che te ròba el mantèll e passa la nèbia che sàra soe i stèll
        pescaduu che te làsset la spunda ne la brèva che càgna i vestii
        rema in pee soe sta foeja cje dùnda cun la canzòn che te voett mai finì…

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      Drat, I wanted to go for some early Waits (not rock, I know) but the water theme makes it harder on me.
      Sebastian played ‘Earth Died Screaming’ two days back, which is of course very thematic but that is from Bone Machine and thus too late. I will keep pondering ;)

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        Early Waits is ok, I love his voice and uncle has… Small change, I think.

        Keep pondering however and surprise us all!

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