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      Me and my friends left Civitavecchia this morning before dawn. We still don’t have a place to go to, but during the night things turned violent in the city. Police has vanished, making the voices that the government was lying on a fast resolution of the crisis sound more and more true, and people started to act violently against each other.

      We had to defend our cars and supplies from at least a dozen of desperates attacking us with bottles or any other object which could be turned into a weapon.. Luckily they arrived one by one and we could send them away.

      We took all we could from the ship we were serving on, the Victoria. We were not the first as we discovered, but no one was guarding the port anymore. We found some corpses onboard. Died violently. One had his head smashed with something heavy. We did not want to live in this situation a minute longer.

      As we started to drive we discovered it wasn’t that easy to get out of the city. The streets are clogged with cars, parked and left there in the middle of the streets as if in one of those disaster b movies.. We had to cross through a field to avoid a particularly long queue of cars. As we passed next to the first one, when we got back to the road, I saw bodies in it. They were pale, covered with vomit and blood. One was a child, sitting in the back. They did drive against a small wall and blocked the road.

      Elisa, my wife, wanted to stop and see if we could be of help.. The others stopped her. There was nothing to do.

      We met other few cars on the streets we did chose to take, running from us as if we wanted to kill them.. People are scared, there is no trust anymore. And no police. It looks like if this part of Italy had been left to itself. Hope somewhere else it’s better.

      We’re heading south east, towards the mountains, but the trip is slow since we have to avoid broken cars and big cities. Maybe on the mountains there will be less problems, since there usually is less people.
      I don’t want to lose trust on others.. I’m lucky I have my friends with me, my wife, and most of all you, who still give us hope and the best information we could get..

      At the moment we’re stopping near a town called Pozzaglia Sabino. There should be a lake around here, but a guy we met, who was walking away with a backpack and some water with him, told us the water was also not good.. He did not want to join us.

      I will keep updating on our moves, if someone wants to catch up with us.  We’re all atlanteans!

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