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    Control is harder now. They wan’t to know how many lives in each household for water distribution and you need to be able to show ID if they ask for it. People without a home has a really hard time now.

    Saw a really ill, maybe almost dead, person today. He was lying on the street, someone said he had been desperate for water and drank from a fountain. They took him away quickly enough, but still…

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    No work today, since public transport more or less ceased. Work as a train attendant. Still get paid, but I don’t really think it will matter soon. Water will be our new currency and I’ve hidden my stock just in case. Have a few hiding places.

    Less work leaves more time for activism and to find the truth.

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    Have left Malmö now. Took a small boat to Denmark. Things are getting crazy. Went on a demo that turned really violent, so had to hide for some days. Got caught by police, beaten up, managed to escape and after that I left town. We spent some nights helping others to cross, until it get to dangerous. And well, where can you actually go? Have no plan, but I keep moving. Some day it will all end, one way or another.

    Met some guys the other day. They talked about drinking animal blood instead of water. To lousy hunters to make it happen and would probably kill themselves in the process, but people are getting really desperate. Departed from them early before they would decide to hunt humans instead…

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