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      I’m Ashley Harper from London and I’m a high school student. At least, that’s what I was before all this went down.

      I’m also the oldest one of 6 children, with another one on the way. Or, there was another one on the way.

      Sadly, that didn’t go as it was supposed to. But I guess that’s to be expected.

      You see, my mum was pregnant before the water crisis hit. As with baby daddies go, she didn’t actually know who put the baby inside her, but she is… or rather *was* always more or less shitfaced all of the time. So she gone and got herself pregnant while I was trying to raise my siblings and keep house. She was always disappearing on us.

      She should have listened to me, but no. I had my teacher Sam help me close of the water taps because she couldn’t stop tampering with them. What are the odds that she would discover the miracle of clean water instead of beer, right at the worst possible time? I guess maybe being pregnant does that to you.

      I thought she’d be safe with the water closed off and with Sam and his friend Meghan Winslow helping with paperwork so we could get clean water from the government.

      My workplace had to close down, until further notice, but I had some cash stashed away, so I took my brother on a water mission with me. Most shops where out of anything remotely drinkable. But we found a couple of bottles of water and pop, and we where on our way home. We took a route that’s usually quiet so we wouldn’t get robbed or nothing. But there’s not many safe places left in our neighborhood anymore I guess. Suddenly out of nowhere some arses went all aggro on us. They busted my brother’s nose and we ran off without any bottles to show for it.

      When we came home, my brother was bleeding all over the place, ruining the last of his cleanest clothes. But what we saw when we stepped in was even worse.

      Our youngest sister was erratic. There was screaming and crying. My other brother was hiding under a table, covering his ears and rocking back and forth. What hit us was a stench unlike anyother. My brother and I found our mother in the bathroom, writhing in pain, leaking blood and other bodily fluids. I tried to call an ambulance, but nobody responded. Erratic and panicking, I called Sam.


      The next minutes went by in a haze. I held my mothers hands tighly. She was crying and puking.

      ”I drank it, I’m sorry. I drank the rainwater.”

      I’d collected rainwater in a bottle to test out somehow. I’d told them all not to touch it. She never listens to me.

      I tried to comfort her, and Claire, Sam’s girlfriends who’s a nurse, took over. Sam forced us all away from the bathroom so Claire could do her thing. She also tried calling an ambulance but no response.

      I always thought my mum would drink herself to death. That one day her liver would just give up on her, and it would be done for.

      But it was the rainwater that killed her.

      We’re slowly getting used to this new reality. But we have to find somewhere else to go. London’s not safe anymore.

      R.I.P. Mum

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      Ellie Burton

      Damn, I’m so sorry to hear that Ashley. Seems that there isn’t a day that goes by without someone’s love ones dying of this damned contaminated water. I hope you and your siblings have a place to stay somewhere and I know for sure you can always count on Sam’s help. Heck, I’m not very good with kids but if you need someone to babysit your siblings while you go find more water, I can help you out. Stay strong, you’re not alone!

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      Ashley…oh my God….another death…be reassured…Atlantis is becoming your only family now..the only trustworthy one. I am with you in your sorrow

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      I am so sorry Ashley. What a horrible story. If there is anyhthing we can do from a distance let us know, but I am afraid there will not be. Stick with the others, take care of each other. You are a brave young woman, you can make it trough.

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