JUNIOR is dead

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      Sorry again but in Kadiu’s home is a tragedy. This time I think I cannot be calm and quiet, something happened bad.
      This afternoon I went to get some food, I came home and I found my brother Junior died, was sitting on the toilet which was full of shit and blood, almost overflowed.

      The air was unbreathable and i puked becouse of the view and smell, is guts have clogged the toilet and has continued lose body fluids. A gruesome scene. I am in shock.

      My friend and I removed the body from the toilet, we were soaked with smelly liquids, even my friend vomited. With some difficulty we managed to bury my brother in our small backyard.
      It ‘was the worst experience in my life.

      It’s too much, we must remain united and fight.

      I love you guys


      (If someone see Kar, please contact me)


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      I’m devastated by your loss. But @Key you have to keep yourself and your friend safe and cleanse your bodies. Create smoke if you can. Build a campfire. Smoke has anti-bacterial properties. Smoke your bodies, and your clothing.


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      Dear Key…this is awful. I am so sorry. You have left me speechless……I am surprised you are even able to talk… I hope I can meet you somewhere soon to share your sorrow… I am sorry my friend

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      Hey Key,
      I only have read some of your threads in these forums and I never got in contact with you. Losing a brother is one of the worst thing that can happen, I can only imagine the pain you felt and are feeling, I think all Atlanteans are by your side.

      I don’t want to get in the way of your mourning but I seriously hope you had some way to protect yourself from the body fluids: you can get diseases if you get in contact with contaminated fluids. Search some health assistance as soon as possible.

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      Thanks guys for your concern, but my friend Jetbardh and I are fine. I think if contaminated water is ingested the problem is big, but I do not know if the body fluids or water can infect.
      I’ll keep you up-to-date

      Thanks again

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