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      Ten days ago, police received order to collaborate with the army to catch every water smuggler.
      Less than a week ago it has been reported that some police officiers were stealing clean water taking it instead of filing it as evidence. They killed everyone they found to leave no witness.
      I intercepted some of them with the help of some collegues.
      Actual state of martial law imposed an immediate execution for treachery. I knew some of these people. A part of them were re-known assholes, but others… They were good cops, but too frail. Desperate men and women. One of them was recently become mother, something like a year ago.
      I saw them executed. They killed people for water. They were no better than the smuggler who were extorting favors in exchange of water (I heard of communities in the country ruled like slavery fields). And still… don’t you understand them? At least those of you who have someone who
      count on you in this crisis…
      Is this the order I defend? Is it the only option against greed and chaos?
      I refuse to believe it, and this is because of you all, Atlantideis, so, thank you…

      This was a week ago…
      Now… Lots of people are missing.
      Here, at work, in the streets.
      I’ve stolen water.
      I tell myself I did it for my brother and his family, to help them. A voice inside of me says I did it for myself.
      And for stealing it, I killed someone.
      It was my first time…
      I wish I’ll never do it again.
      I don’t even want to touch my gun anymore.

      So, I did everything those people did. And they died.
      Does it change anything the fact that I killed a murderer? That the “cop” I killed was a criminal who just killed my best friend caught smuggling? No. It doesn’t. He was a good smuggler, my friend, like Kar here. He did it to help people, not to control them. Always a step ahead of me…
      Anyway, these corrupted cops are like a mafia. They’re looking for me and for my relatives, now.
      I can’t write much, but I’ll stay in contact with this website as long as I can. You are my hope and my strenght.
      Free Water.

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      I cannot begin to pretend that I know what you are going through, having lost your best friend taken a life. I’m sorry for your loss. But I recently had to steal for the first time, and began carrying a weapon for the first time. It does change something that you killed a murderer. It changes something that you did it for a loved one. You are not a murderer, you are a person caught in a desperate situation, driven to terrible lengths, doing what you have to.

      I used to work with getting help to people in similar situations. I wish I could help you now.

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      As the world falls apart, some people can’t stop drowning it in blood. This is so miserable and sad. I hope your family is safe, @elmo. As I’ve lost hope for mine.

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