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      Hi Atlanteans!

      I’ve seen the updates from other cities in Italy and I wanted to share the evolution of the situation here in Civitavecchia. Last time I wrote things were still going pretty well: we got water supplies both from the government, which was distributing it via some gathering points similarly to what happened in Florence, and from Costa Crociere, the company I work for. Same went for food, which could still be found for everybody, though obviously without the usual opulence we’d been used on the cruise ships. Hotels and every hosting structure were filled, but it still was a bearable situation, compared to what I read from this forum.

      Now it’s a mess. Three more cruise ships and two cargos took port in the last two days, flooding with people what was left of the space. On of the cargos has been quarantined, since I heard the water infection had violently spread on board, and people are scared. The port health responsibles did not want to charge themselves with the risk of spreading it more widely, even though the information we get from police and health care tell us that we are safe as long as we drink “authorized” water. We used to get a supply of one half liter bottle of Lifedrop water – wich seems to be the only authorized water so far – every morning, two if you’re a pregnant woman. Luckily the weather is not as hot as usual but.. this isn’t going to work, and today we have not received the supply. More badly, police seems to be withdrawing from the streets, as chaos and anger for the lack of water is spreading. I’ve heard that today the hospital has been “assaulted” by people having sympthoms of the water infection. Tourists stuck in the hotels are going nuts, fearing for their relatives and friends from other cities or countries they can not contact.

      I fear the situation is about to explode within a couple of days, if not earlier. And friends in the port administration told me more ships are trying to reach Civitavecchia and all the ports on the Tirreninan coast to make land before their water supplies run over.
      Elisa, my wife, and some other friends from Genova arrived yesterday by car. They were smart enough, loading all the water and gasoline they could gather before leaving and on the way, and so did I with some of my colleagues here in Civitavecchia. Our plan is to leave the city before the situation gets too heavy, probably tomorrow in the morning, with all the supplies we manage to gather. I cannot properly talk about it, but we found a way to get some of the supplies stocked on our ship.

      I know it’s not properly correct towards other people in need of help, but nobody seem to listen to what I say. I suggested hundreds of people to read this forum and to get informed about what is going on, and about none seemed to understand… They expect the government to solve the chrisis. I sense things are well beyond the solving point.
      I and my group are anyway willing to share what we have. If you’re somewhere near Rome, or Civitavecchia, or southern Tuscany, we’re searching for a quieter place where to reorganize and understand what to do. Do anybody know where we should head to? As I said we’ll be bringing with us everything useful we can get, so we will try not to weigh on others’ stockages.

      Please let us know if you know where to go… we’re leaving tomorrow morning at the latest! Now I’m off to guard the cars with Elisa and two other friends.. We’re taking turns because we’re not confident in leaving them unguarded… This can’t go on forever..


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