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    Ciao! My name is Giacomo (BJ, from “Big Jack”), I’m 39 and I’m from Bologna, Italia. I’m sorry for my poor English, but I hope you can understand me. I used to own a little market, but after the riots it was destroyed. Now I have nothing left of my old life. I once had a family, but my family doesn’t exist anymore. I don’t want to talk about it now, maybe I will find someone I can speak with to find a little relief. Bologna and little towns around Bologna are in big troubles: riots, hunger, inhumanity. I have to resist, but I don’t know if I can resist to the end of this. And… what end? I hope I will not lose myself. Goodbye and good luck to everyone.


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    Don’t give up. Is there anything any of us can do for you? We are all Atlanteans. It is what we do, we are all hurting but we help each other push trough.

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    Ehi Big man, take a deep breath: we’re all in this together.

    Yes, you have to resist. There’s a lot of guys from Bologna here, you can find some help for sure.
    Nobody should be alone these days.

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    Ellie Burton

    Yeah, as long as we’ve got one another and this place as our haven, I believe we’re gonna be alright. So many people here want to survive and want others to survive. We’re gonna make it, one way or another! Don’t lose faith!

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    Hello Bj, I’m located in Bolognina, where are you? Here it is became a fucking ghetto. We have no more access to the other neighborhoods and there are clashes every day. People are dying and authorities in this area are good only to arrest or shoot them…but we must resist! We must help each other!

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    Hi BJ, do you have news about quartiere Lame????

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