Corruption in the Italian Army

I don’t understand what the hell is going on. I feel that the italian army is falling into chaos. Despite the crisis in all the big cities is getting worse and we witness a growth of violence every day, it seems that for the next few weeks we skilled officers are going to be allocated to a different task.  The chief managers of lifedrop and many italian senators are being evacuated from the big cities and our job is to looking after them during the evacuation. For anti-terrorism measures, we’re not even allowed to know the destination until the mission starts. I’ve always trusted my superiors’ instructions, but this time I’m really conflicted about what to do. I’m afraid that, by assigning most of the officers to this job, only unexperienced foot soldier keep working in the big cities and without superiors around they’ll likely get nervous and behave like idiots. What the hell! I’d rather die here to protect my people than running away like a coward with the richest ones. I’ve studied hard to become a paratrooper soldier, not a fucking bodyguard!

I love my country and the army is all my life, but people here are getting nuts. I’ve never seen so many random promotions as these days, our salary was doubled and, surprisingly, we’ve been given loads of water, even more than how we need. They said it’s because our job is exahusting and riskful, but I suspect they want to buy our silence about the whole thing. I’m so shocked! Why should they do something like that? My colleagues seemed quite happy about the deal, but I can’t look away in front of such corruption. I trust you Atlanteans so I’d love to know your opinion about this situation. I really don’t know what do to. I’m a woman of action, I’m not used to think so much! I don’t want to accept this task, but maybe it would be useful to catch important informations from inside and then report to Atlantis Radio.

However, I gave my extra water to the first people I saw walking in the street on my way home. They were so grateful that I felt like shit for all the advantages related to my job. I always dreamed of becoming a hero for my people, and now I realize that maybe I’m not doing enough to protect them…



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  1. Sometimes there’s only one bad apple, sometimes the whole tree is rotten except for one apple. They don’t even tell you where are you going, why would they trust your for something more important?

    You are a woman of action, you can be helpful in so many ways for people.
    Break down hierarchies, take a car, all the water you can and save a person or two.
    So you’ll be a hero, I suppose. My brother @ludovan is the expert on the hero stuff.
    Firemen, soldiers, isn’t all that different, is it?

  2. I firmly believe you will only become the hero of the people you want to be if you start being on their side. They are not the enemy. They are afrais because their goverment that is supposed to protect them is lying to them and spinning the situation for power and political gain.
    I am not sure what to do. Oz’ plan sounds fine. But so goed going along to keep us posted about where they are going and why. Politicians and captains of industry eh? No big surprise there. The rats are leaving, that must mean the ship is going down soon.

    Maybe you are in a unique position here. Just make sure that you understand that the Atlenteans can use you and we might be the key to at least letting the world know *why* they are dying. Do not let us down. Please.

    Free water.
    Power to the people.
    Fuck corporate capitalism.

  3. Reality is catching on and it’s a tough one, I guess. You’ve already done an incredible service to the people you pledged to serve by sharing this information here. Now it’s up to you. Some more insight could be useful, but nobody can ask you to stand injustice when you see it and be a part of it.

  4. Something tells me you already know the answer @Ida. You have a chance to do what’s right but the ideals you’ve been brought up with hold you back. Take a look at the army, see that the state of chaos it’s in reflects the state of chaos the whole world is in.

    You know what they say about heroes – they aren’t born, they’re made.

    Seems to me that fate is giving you a chance to revise your situation and do what’s right for the world, become the kind of hero the world needs. Maybe it’s not what you’ve always imagined, but trust me, it will feel like the right thing to do.

  5. Agree with the other commenters above me. You’re in a position that may allow you to do some good, but this is not exactly a children’s game.

    If you think you’re ready to be our eyes in the army, then go for it. If you think you can, get out of there as fast as you can. @oz is right about this, you can still save a few people.

    Follow your guts, I think that’s the only way we can get through this.

  6. Thank you guys. your determination cleared up my mind, now I know what is right to do.

    I couldn’t get to you earlier because I’ve been under surveillance.. someone saw me giving water those people the other day and accused me of insubordination. Though, they can’t suspend me because I know where the main lifedrop’s storehouse is located. I just finished my shift of surveillance there – dudes you can’t imagine how much water they have, it’s ridiculous!

    Anyway, I managed to find a safe line to contact my fellow soldiers who are still working in the water distribution in Rome and suburbs. I persuaded a dozen of foot soldier to come here tonight and help me assaulting the main storehouse, so we can distribute water equally among people.  I persuaded a dozen of foot soldier to come here tonight and help me assaulting the main storehouse, so we can take control of water and distribute it equally among people.  They have been loyal to me so far, so I hope I can trust them. Yet, I am really afraid that someone changes his mind and betrays by reporting the plan to my superiors.  Because fighting for a good cause is not always a sufficient  motivation, I obviously promised them a nice monetary reward. Yet, you can’t never be sure.
    I am so worried! I’ve never done anything illegal before.

    I’ll let you know if my plan works. Oh, actually you won’t hear me again if my plan fails cause I’ll be dead. But it doesn’t matter as if they catch me I’ll die with honour. As one of my gurus said:
    ” If I advance, follow me. If I retreat, kill me. If I die, avenge me. It is better to live one day as a lion than one-hundred years as a sheep!”

    Thanks for your support, atlanteans friends. FREE WATER!

    • Hi Furio. Thanks for the fairy tale you shared with us today, it was a very good one. Sorry to hear Milan it’s still a mess..have you found a way to leave the city? Do you need help?

      We got water! We’re now driving on a truck around central Italy to reach small cities and villages which are particularly in scarcity of safe water. The raid on the life drop storage went fine, but we lost one of us. when the alarm started my fellow soldier Luca didn’t listen to me and hesitated few minutes to get more water, then he didn’t jump to our truck in time and he got shot. We waited for him as long as we could, but then it was really too late. I feel responsible for his loss and I’m afraid the other soldiers don’t respect me anymore. I have to reproach them over and over again for drinking too much water instead of saving it for the people. They look angry and frustrated..some of them started to oppose to my plan of distributing the water freely to every people we can reach. Others began to doubt too. I couldn’t imagine that having so much water would have made them so selfish! I’m doing my best to convince them to do the right thing, but honestly I’m really worried of what it may happen. I’m strong and armed, but one man figthing against many has always a hard time…

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