Report from Rome + Tips about about overcoming dehydrations

The situation in Rome is getting worse. I keep seeing homeless people getting sick because they drink from the few public fountains that haven’t been closed yet. You know, it is hard to control the whole city because in Rome there’s plenty of small public fountains, the so-called “nasoni”, which are technically impossible to close. […]

The state of Sweden is in a terrible state

So, I am just a concerned citizen working for the city government in one of Sweden’s larger cities. With what has been going on as of late I was told about this site and how it helps spread vitl information to the people. Naturally I signed up. Two hours later my internet connection was gone […]

The first three days of water crisis in Milan

I live and work nearby san Babila, in Milan. In the last three days I’ve seen this city deeply wounded. My wife Clara and 5yo daughter Nina live in Copenhagen. Clara told me they were planning to take a train to reach Sweden and meet some friends of her, on Feb. 8. I’ve lost contact since […]