Atlantis News #6

    Here New Atlantis Radio.   I’m Sebastian. Atlantidei friends, it has been complicated to get connected. The fact of finding a  generator through many adventures has made that even today we could go live to disseminate our voices, our testimonies. But trust me that I will personally will do everything so that this can […]

Atlantis News #5

    New Atlantis Radio speaking. I want to thank all of you, my Atlanteans friends, for the efforts you are making in our community’s name. New Atlantis Radio is you, and it is thanks to you that a voice, albeit seemingly lost in the cries of these days, is rising. That’s  the voice of […]

Atlantis News #4

    Radio Atlantis here, Sebastian’s speaking. Another episode of Atlantis News, another day without public water. This world crisis doesn’t seem to stop, nor to get better in any way. As hours and days go by, things seem to be collapsing. News arriving from the media, and above all those you keep sending us, […]

Report from Rome + Tips about about overcoming dehydrations

The situation in Rome is getting worse. I keep seeing homeless people getting sick because they drink from the few public fountains that haven’t been closed yet. You know, it is hard to control the whole city because in Rome there’s plenty of small public fountains, the so-called “nasoni”, which are technically impossible to close. […]

Atlantis News #3

    New Atlantis Radio here! Free water for everyone! We open the news with a story that concerns us personally. The lawyers of Lifedrop Italy have sued New Atlantis Radio. Just an hour ago I received a lawsuit for slander concerning the claims made during my last broadcast. Now, my friends, I have their […]