Atlantis News #6



Here New Atlantis Radio.   I’m Sebastian.

Atlantidei friends, it has been complicated to get connected. The fact of finding a  generator through many adventures has made that even today we could go live to disseminate our voices, our testimonies. But trust me that I will personally will do everything so that this can continue to happen.

Your videos, your documents, continue to reach us, your contribution will be the energy that will allow us to not be silent, whatever the costs are. We are New Atlantis Radio, the voice of free people, a bit of light for those who have the feeling that everything is sinking under this storm that will not quit. But we do not blow out.

Talking about the generator. In this part of Italy the electricity supply is not regular, just a few and discontinuous hours per day. Also connections to the normal internet network is more and more discontinuous. We just imagine the difficulties you are facing to contribute to our information activities. And as always we would like to be able to set up the network operating in Italy through your vital contributions. There are echos that the energy crisis is also touching the food preservation centers and hospitals. From here we deduce it is an even more catastrophic situation. If yesterday we talked about tensions in major Italian hospitals, today we are forced to describe a health situation almost totally collapsed. The hospitals are abandoned. They are empty. Those seriously ill left to die in deserts departments. Few volunteers continue to lend service to shoulder endless problems sometimes unsolvable. At first sight we have got important documents that testify on the official closing of the national public education service. But this was easily derived from looking around in our cities, public buildings no longer used as schools, but as dormitories, independent shelters, if not totally empty structures.

An important warning, the result of numerous accounts sent from different places around Europe. Do not take highways to get around. I repeat: do not take highways. We are checking, as we usually do, even if it is increasingly difficult but we receive news of numerous attempts at contemporary migrations through all kinds of means, events that have transformed the motorway network in hell due to lack of fuel, a number of incidents and accidents and uncontrolled fires dispersion of toxic material and a large number of scuffles and indiscriminate acts of violence in the major blockage points, from north to south. And we recommend the utmost caution and good sense even in any attempts to move along the provincial and secondary roads. For now we are not able to tell you more about that.

Imagine that the interruption of the real and virtual communications is creating serious problems in tracing their loved ones, and an emotionally sensitive time like this we would like to call on anyone who wants to have information on friends and relatives from we have not had any news. In this regard would like you to share with us personal requests, news, and any material useful to communicate or track down those who are far away. We will do everything to boost our your research or your messages/

New Atlantis Radio has managed to go live regardless this situation of emergency. And, believe me, it will do tomorrow.

Free water!