Atlantis News #5



New Atlantis Radio speaking. I want to thank all of you, my Atlanteans friends, for the efforts you are making in our community’s name.

New Atlantis Radio is you, and it is thanks to you that a voice, albeit seemingly lost in the cries of these days, is rising. That’s  the voice of those who want to understand, those who want to fight, those who don’t want to surrender to the state of things. We will not blow out. I repeat: we-will-not-blow-out!.

Dear Atlanteans, the dark times that knocked on our doors are becoming a macabre and sinister reality. Yet, we must deal with it if as free men we want to carry on our battles for real information, if we want to keep on sharing the sad truth that’s in front of our tired eyes, if we want to react to the impending fall of humankind!

What today seems mere surviving, once  – a long time ago we may say – , we used to call it “free counter-information”. They tried to silence us but we’re still here. We’ve all been threatened, but we’re all still here.

Soon they’ll come knocking at our doors. They’ll find us here because we don’t move.We’ll keep on spreading our word, your contributions, your images of what’s really happening. We’ll do relentlessly, by any necessary means.

Today’s report concerns the situation of public hospitals. We have news from Paris, Rome, London, Paris, Munich, Rotterdam, and from hospitals of smaller towns across Europe. The news we receive are very alarming. Only yesterday, admissions for dehydration problems increased tenfold with a very high percentage of people under 60.

Meanwhile, hospitals and health systems in general are collapsing before our eyes, unable to cope with so a widespread emergency. Everywhere there’s shortage of beds and patients are crammed in public gyms, warehouses, hospital foyers. The medical staff available is unable to manage such a large number of people.

A wing of the Italian Hospital “Spedali Riuniti” in Livorno was assaulted by some patients in search of food and water, at the University College London Hospital a whole ward was occupied by the in-patients’ relatives protesting against the inhumane conditions in which their dear ones have to live.

We also have news about the first outbreaks of epidemics. We expected that coming. The news is yet to be confirmed but we’re receiving reports about cases of cholera spreading in some areas of South Italy and Greece, uncontrolled outbreaks of meningitis in Belgium, and cases of Ebola – which is quite worrying – in the whole Scandinavian peninsula.

Our bulletin is still incomplete: this is why we need your help. Please, keep on informing us by all means you know and send us your contributions. By now, official sources of information are no longer useful, they are entangled in a web of lies and lack of real insight into the current situation. Now more than ever it’s up to us, Atlanteans: we must keep it together before it all definitely falls apart. We must fight together to prevent this from happening!

Here at New Atlantis Radio once again we ask for your cooperation, we need to know the real health and healthcare situation in your country. So what are the conditions of hospitals? Is there any outbreak of epidemics in your area? Our only weapon is our voice: share the reality of things, use your eyes and ears, spread the word! We fight together ‘til the end.

You’ve just listened to Sebastian speaking. New Atlantis Radio struggles and resists. A single voice made of thousands rises. Its sound is tight and clear, and it says: free water. Free water. Free water. Speak soon tomorrow.