Atlantis News #4



Radio Atlantis here, Sebastian’s speaking.

Another episode of Atlantis News, another day without public water. This world crisis doesn’t seem to stop, nor to get better in any way. As hours and days go by, things seem to be collapsing. News arriving from the media, and above all those you keep sending us, are not reassuring at all. Food, in big cities, is running low. Mobs on food shops have multiplied over the last hours.

Tonight, during an emergency seat, the Government has decreed the martial law, for what this might still mean. We’ve been seeing soldiers on the streets for days, but garrisons are not enough to face the chaos that has already taken the upper hand over big urban centres.

There’s report of riots in almost every Italian city, with heavy clashes between crowds and security forces, burned cars, improvised barricades, occupations of shopping centres. In Turin urban guerrilla went on the whole night. News are confused, but it seems the first deaths have been reported, due to clashes. The night, out of our windows, is lighted by fires on the horizon. Not only caused by uprisings, but also from the lack of maintenance of structures at risk: power plants,  refineries, factories are timing bombs ready to explode.

In capital cities, underground tubes’ tunnels cannot be drained sufficiently and in many cases have completely flooded. Sewers systems are starting to fail, increasing the epidemic risk, adding fuel to the fire of the sanitary emergency. Streets are invaded by huge piles of waste that make air unbreathable.

Since this morning at dawn we see long queues of vehicles leaving cities. Petrol is short almost everywhere, thus many families are leaving their houses on feet, maybe to reach relatives or friends in the neighbouring countrysides. The countryside seem to be relatively safer, even though government water provisions are more difficult. Yours truly, and thus Radio Atlantis, will keep transmitting from this city location for as long as this will be physically possible.

This Radio of ours has become a reference point to lots of people in distress, and we will resist united until the end. This very morning I have sent to Lifedrop’s lawyers the pictures of the “We are all Atlanteans” campaign, which you have sent in great number in the past days. We believe it to be the best answer to their censure threat.

We must not give up, friends! Right now, when the world around us is giving in to lower instincts, to violence and oppression, we have the moral obligation to remain clear headed, aware of the fact that only cooperation and solidarity can save us, and especially the sharing of useful information.

As usual, we invite you to send us your daily audio reports, letting us know what is happening in the cities you live in. Are they safe or have you too assisted to urban guerrilla episodes? Did many people leave their homes? Have you been victim of robbery or violence? What do you have left for daily survival? Do you have enough food stocks? How are your relatives, friends, and people you know? Have you taken part in the uprisings? What are the security forces’ behaviours?

Send us your witnesses, tell us all you can. The information we share may save our lives.

Today as well, we close our episode of Atlantis News with our hope remark: “Free Water!”. See you tomorrow. Resist. Resist together!