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New Atlantis Radio here!

Free water for everyone!
We open the news with a story that concerns us personally. The lawyers of Lifedrop Italy have sued New Atlantis Radio. Just an hour ago I received a lawsuit for slander concerning the claims made during my last broadcast.

Now, my friends, I have their notice right in front of my eyes, so I quote. In a somewhat menacing tone they: “strongly recommend to publicly withdraw the defamatory and unjustified accusations against Lifedrop, who is doing everything possible to try and contain the severe water emergency by ensuring allocation of drinking water to all citizens. Should the allegations against our clients be carried on, we shall not hesitate to request ― and obtain ― the immediate closure of the webradio We also inform that those held responsible of future defamatory accusations against our client Lifedrop, will be prosecuted in all competent courts. Best regards, etc. etc.”

So what’s there to be said, my dear fellow Atlanteans?

What we know is that nobody here at New Atlantis Radio accused anybody, we only raised some legitimate questions to which our Governments and Lifedrop Management should give clear answers, plain and simple. Let’s be clear about it, if those questions won’t be answered, we’ll keep on asking, as it’s our right to do. We won’t be intimidated by some petty threats! I really hope that this thought is shared by all of you out there!

In just a few days we’ve proved that we can make a difference, our voices can be heard! Lifedrop’s concern confirms our actions are working somehow. So I therefore appeal to you all, dear friends, to support this cause by participating in a campaign for our radio. Take a picture of yourself with your face covered ― because this isn’t a personal matter but it affects everyone ― and while holding a sign with “WE ARE ALL ATLANTEANS” written on it, then send it asap to

Your pictures will be posted immediately on the radio website to bear witness to the fact that we are many, and that we are growing day by day. They won’t be able to stop us! So, we are looking forward to your pics!

And now the bad news… As you may already know, the European Government, in line with the ONU resolution, has temporarily suspended almost all public and private transport. In one day our society has jumped back to 200 years ago. Only military and government transport remain active, as well as a reduced amount of medical transport services and transport for water distribution. Getting to work or any other place will be seriously difficult, if not impossible.

One last reminder before we say goodbye, send us your audio-testimony where you tell how’s the situation in the cities or towns you live in, what’s the level of social stress, has it risen remarkably?

Have you heard or witnessed any violent act caused by the shortage of drinking water? Please, report everything you see, hear or are aware of; help us spread the truth about what happens everyday in our homes, in our streets!

Thank you and thanks to all of you, my fellow Atlanteans! It’s all for today from New Atlantis Radio! Free water and tune in tomorrow, same time!

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