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How can you help?

Send your audio contributions

Answer to the daily Atlantis News questions. Send your audio contributions and I will air them. Our web radio will be truly ours! Now more than ever we should lend a hand to the ones in need. As Atlanteans we might be the eyes and ears the world needs in this frightful moment. We must try and understand what’s really happening in our neighbourhood, in our cities, in Europe, in the world. Everyone can make a difference.

Download the New Atlantis Radio official App!

You can also record directly from your browser: Click here

You can also send your files to: newatlantisradio@gmail.com


Tell us your story

Publish an article on our blog. Contribute with your story. Write about you and the people around you. Tell the crisis from your point of view.

Spread the word

We must make ourselves known by as many people as possible, the more we are, the stronger: only so we’ll be able to cover more territory and gather more information.

So spread the word on social networks, forums, wherever we can find people who want to participate in this struggle.