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New Atlantis Radio  is a project of all.

Now more than ever we should lend a hand to the ones in need. As Atlanteans we might be the eyes and ears the world needs in this frightful moment.

We must try and understand what’s really happening in our neighbourhood, in our cities, in Europe, in the world.

Everyone can make a difference.

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New Atlantis Radio is of and for each one of us. New Atlantis Radio is our voice, is a chorus of a thousand voices. We want to say what is unsaid and we’ll come knocking at your door if need be, armed only with the clearest Truth.

Send your contributions. New Atlantis radio needs your help. 

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You can also listen New Atlantis Radio clicking HERE

Daily Program

11.00 Atlantis News
11.10 Our voices
11.30 New Atlantis Doc
12.00 Music from New Atlantis
13.00 Atlantis News
13.10 Our voices
13.40 Music from New Atlantis
16.00 Atlantis News
16.10 Our voices
16.30 New Atlantis Doc
17.00 Music from New Atlantis
21.00 Atlantis News
21.10 Our voices
21.30 New Atlantis Doc
22.00 Music from New Atlantis

Help us spread the word!

We must make ourselves known by as many people as possible, the more we are the stronger: only so we’ll be able to cover more territory and gather more information. So help us spread the word on social networks, forums, wherever we can find people who want to participate in this struggle.

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From the blog

Last broadcast

    My dear fellow listeners, I am Sebastian and I am speaking to you – I regret to say it – for the last time. I am not sure how long the generator I am using will last, but from the look of it I don’t have much time left. I am home alone. Outside everything […]

The water of life – a tale

I have just read this tale. Hope it can reach you. All of you. F. The water of life There was once a King who had an illness, and no one believed that he would come out of it with his life. He had three sons who were much distressed about it, and went down […]

Atlantis News #6

    Here New Atlantis Radio.   I’m Sebastian. Atlantidei friends, it has been complicated to get connected. The fact of finding a  generator through many adventures has made that even today we could go live to disseminate our voices, our testimonies. But trust me that I will personally will do everything so that this can […]

Corruption in the Italian Army

I don’t understand what the hell is going on. I feel that the italian army is falling into chaos. Despite the crisis in all the big cities is getting worse and we witness a growth of violence every day, it seems that for the next few weeks we skilled officers are going to be allocated […]

Atlantis News #5

    New Atlantis Radio speaking. I want to thank all of you, my Atlanteans friends, for the efforts you are making in our community’s name. New Atlantis Radio is you, and it is thanks to you that a voice, albeit seemingly lost in the cries of these days, is rising. That’s  the voice of […]


On this page you will find all the contributions to be aired. It will be updated only after the bets will be aired. If you want to be updated minute by minute … listen to the radio! Atlantis News You can read the full text of the news on the blog. Voices from Atlantis

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What’s going on here?

Atlantisradio.org is a network of activists who investigate the conditions of drinking water across the world. While everyone has their own special reason to become part of the community, the main objectives of the New Atlantis radio are to investigate, cooperate, and share vital information about the global water crisis.

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